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Any improvement on pricing has a direct, measurable impact on the bottom line. 

However, most companies make pricing decisions based on a combination of gut-feeling, subjective perceptions of value, the competitive environment and reliance on past choices. 


At MarketPrax, we view pricing as a complex discipline that is ripe for improvement. 

As a result of our knowledge of dozens of pricing techniques, we are able to work with companies from a variety of industries to improve their pricing structure. 


Our pricing insights help clients improve revenues and profitability from each customer segment without sacrificing on customer satisfaction or long-term sustainability. 

Customer segmentation, for example, is one technique that, when implemented properly, can dramatically increase revenues by allowing clients to tap into different markets and understand each customer's willingness to pay prior to providing a price. The design and adoption of segmentation fences can further protect and guarantee that the segmentation will achieve its purposes without any negative outcomes.

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