A large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturer had just announced the acquisition of a midsize cosmetics manufacturer. One of their distribution centers was already operating to capacity. Yet, the staff was expecting the acquisition to be completed anytime, at which point the new SKUs would be added to the facility without much advance notice. The warehouse was being managed by a 3PL (third-party logistics) which contacted us to discuss their needs.


We conducted a site visit, noticing how a lot of the vertical space was under-utilized. That represented the easiest opportunity to increase capacity, as long as the right solution was acquired to efficiently store and retrieve the items at higher levels.


We followed the site visit with a presentation addressing their needs and opportunities. 

CPG Acquisition

A large computer manufacturer in the US was looking for a solution to pick multiple laptops at once from the racks in their distribution centers. The laptops are stored vertically and no off-the-shelf AMR in the market had that capability.


After a site visit, we suggested a custom option and the manufacturer proceeded to sign a pilot agreement with a supplier.


The company expects a significant reduction in labor costs at the facility and, eventually, at all distribution centers. 

Picking Laptops

One of the 5 largest companies in logistics in the world was looking to automate the process of loading packages into trucks without the need for a worker inside the vehicle during the loading process. The current process is time-consuming and labor intensive. Their vision was to have a system that could deliver the packages into the truck and place them at designated spots inside the truck without direct human intervention.


We presented a solution and the company estimated $100+ million in savings once it was fully implemented across the organization.

Loading Packages

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